Tips to Summer-Proof Your Home

It is the time of the year again wherein the kids are not in school and the temperature is rising. Especially from receiving those sky high energy bills, do not spend the summer sweating. To help you make your home cooler, here is some tips summer-proof your home while keeping the bills in check. 



    Implement Passive Design Strategies 

Not to mention the cost, it is really true that conditioning your home’s air takes a lot of energy. However, to keep your home comfortable and healthy, passive design strategies utilize the element such as the wind, the sun, etc. To lighten the load in your AC, planting trees as well as installing overhangs are just a couple of ways that you can do. 

    Decide Whether Window Unit or Central? 

With most units priced at well under $500, window unit conditioners have a lot of entry cost. As they can be moved between rooms as needed, they provide flexibility. Hopefully, you have others to keep pumping out cool air while you shop for a replacement or repair your present one when the window unit dies. 

By contrast, when it breaks down, central air conditioning will surely affect the entire house. The greatest benefit of having one is that adds long lasting value to your property. However, if you do not have enough money to buy another window unit, you can always ask for air duct cleaning if you feel that dirt is the problem with your unit.  

    Properly Size Your AC 

Do your research to make sure you are buying the most efficient model if you are planning on purchasing a new air conditioner this summer. It is always not good to get the bigger ones. In fact, an oversized air conditioning unit will not only work less efficiently but is also a waste of energy. On the other hand, if you get an undersized AC unit then it is continually running inefficiently. 

    Conduct a Home Energy Audit 

You should always begin by conducting a home energy audit prior to undertaking any energy efficiency upgrades to your home. The evaluations will greatly help you prioritize your project so you can save most on your energy bills whether you complete them yourself or hire a professional.     

    Add Insulation 

The better insulated your walls, floors, and ceilings are, the lesser air conditioned air will leak although it seems counter intuitive to add insulation in your home in order to get ready for the summer. There are plenty of reasons for adding insulation during summer, you must consider this one: it is far better to do this in warm months that cool months if walls need to be opened up. 

    Upgrade Your Windows and Paint Roof 

You can consider other options such as Low E-film to minimize solar heat gain if your windows are too new to replace or if it doesn’t fit your budget. You can also expect your energy costs to plummet when you paint your roof white on an individual level because light colors such as white will bounce light as well as heat. 

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Why are Safe Rooms and Storm Shelters Important?

Do you have a protected place where you could take a shelter when a hurricane or tornado strikes? Is it near your home? Could you reach it within minutes or seconds? A safe room could offer live-saving security during a vicious storm, especially for houses that don’t have basements. Storm shelters in OKC are increasing in popularity after the recent outbreak of severe storms and tornadoes.  

Storm Shelters

Underground is the best place to be during a tornado outbreak. Basements offer brilliant security. However, they are still susceptible to debris coming from above. Tornado cellars, a fully underground storm shelters, offer the most trusted security from severe storms. However, they might not be possible to build in flood-prone or urbanized locations.  

A safe room is different than the usual in-ground shelter. However, it provides similar benefit. FEMA (The Federal Emergency Management Agency) describes a safe room as a construction that would offer near-unconditional protection from violent storms. Every safe room is built according to state laws and should meet certain safety regulations.  

Each safe room is constructed to tolerate around 248 mph winds and around 2,990 pounds of force. That is more than an EF-5 tornado. Usually, they are built in garages or basements. A usual safe room is made of fiberglass and steel to offer the top-most level of protection from wind. Also, all shelters use concrete base as anchors.  

There are two types of safe room that depends on your preferences – below ground and above ground. Both kinds of shelters have to meet similar requirements and are built using similar materials. However, below ground shelters have a little more advantage, since debris from a hurricane or tornado can’t impact the sides of the storm shelter, only the upper portion. But, in a below ground safe room, you also have the possibility that your one and only way out can be blocked. Above ground safe rooms don’t have this kind of problem. However, it could be hit with debris on every side. Both kinds of safe rooms have their own pros and cons. However, the main thing to keep in mind is that they both offer similar level of security for you and your family. You need to ensure that you have a NOAA weather alert radio, together with some required emergency supplies in your safe room to help you stay informed and aware. 

Be sure that you weigh the various advantages, disadvantages, and costs if you are thinking of constructing a safe room or storm shelter in your house. Check with the company to make sure that they are following with all the NSSA and FEMA safety regulations during the building process. Typically, a safe room is not examined by any regulating agency to know its quality, that is why it is always best to go with a company with high reputation and good reviews. You could always check online to find great construction companies near you and read some of their reviews.  

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Horseback Riding Exercise for You 

It helps to supplement that exercise while riding is also a great exercise itself. You will make the job of your horse easier and you will feel better. It is better for a horse to have a fit rider because you will feel lighter on the back of your horse compared to a rider of the same weight who is sloppier in the saddle. 

Horseback Riding Exercise 

Muscle imbalances, general lack of fitness, and poor posture can make riding less enjoyable which may lead to a lesser time in the saddle. Cuing and controlling your horse will be more difficult when you are not able to use certain muscles properly. 

Staying fit can help you avoid the weekend syndrome-aches and pains from using muscles not used to the work you suddenly ask them to perform if you only get out to ride occasionally or do major cleaning on weekends. You must always keep in mind to start slow when beginning any exercise. 


You can increase the stamina by making your heart muscle strong whether you are out on a journey, power cleaning or in the show ring. Your cardio fitness can increase even with a 13-minute program three times a week. You can also buy equipment from to help you perform your exercise routine. 

To be a benefit, it is good to determine if you are working hard enough. So that they can determine that they are not over-working them, long distance riders and eventer keep a careful track to the heartbeat of their horses. We can also do the same thing for ourselves. 


Before any exercise, it is essential to warm up our muscles and prevent strains but according to research, it is not. This doesn’t mean that stretching will not be a part of your overall exercise routine. For cutting your horse and staying with the motion, lower back pain affects a lot and supple back is needed. 


Exercise can help refine your sense of balance which is an important aspect of riding in addition to stretching. You may be happier with one bought through a sports therapist, you can also buy exercise balls inexpensively that is sized for your length of a leg. 

Especially as we get older, strength training is very important. You will surely notice the benefits when you spend time lifting weights, you can lift saddles, cleaning hooves, and grain bags become easier.  

It is beneficial if you spend three times a day doing sit-ups or is also accepted if you prefer to perform other abdominal exercises such as crunches. Remember that abdominal riding is good riding. This means that while clinching the horse with the legs when needed, you need to really use your abdominal muscles to balance yourself. 

Holding a few key positions like a boat, half boat, or warrior for a few seconds a day can greatly improve your fitness. Doing these moves correctly can also strengthen your back and improve posture as well. This is also good for people who do a lot of slouching because it aids open up the shoulders. 

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